Want Convenience or Better Health?

Want Convenience or Better Health?
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First of all, I am now not a tree hugger. I like a juicy steak as plenty as the next man or woman; however, on my day after day recurring I do try to devour a wholesome eating regimen.

I drink no soda. I use no salt. I consume gluten unfastened breads and baked goods. I keep away from sugar as plenty as feasible. At seventy four years of age, my weight is regular for my peak, my annual blood checks are constantly ordinary, and my blood stress is, at remaining check up, became 122 over 70. Oh, my cholesterol is underneath 2 hundred.

Why do I bother when the grocery shops are complete of foods that seem loaded with components, preservatives, and chemical compounds maximum cannot pronounce?

Well… Particularly, eating right and getting the proper vitamins and heading off components supply me peace of thoughts. I also have more electricity, I sleep like a toddler each night time and by means of not getting sick as regularly as most people my age, I avoid high priced scientific charges.

It just makes feel to me.

Here’s a century’s vintage saying: “When weight loss program is inaccurate, medicine is of little need; When diet is correct, medicine is of no want.” ~Ayurvedic Proverb

Does that make sense to you?

At first, consuming healthier isn’t always easy. You’ve were given to battle through every item to see what it’s made of but subsequently you’ll research what to shop for and what is higher for you.

I have eaten this manner for see you later now that my purchasing time is not than everybody else’s.

Need extra convincing?

Well… Commonplace items sold daily in shops can do critical damage for your body. Here are just a few ingredients:

MSG – linked to headaches and excessive blood pressure.

Artificial food coloring – is suspected of inflicting improved hyperactivity in kids. Also, the dye Yellow No. 5 has been thought to worsen asthma symptoms. Red dye No. 5 become banned because of its hyperlink to most cancers.

High-fructose corn syrup – concept to elevate the chance of Obesity and in all likelihood Type 2 Diabetes.

So, my advice to anyone. Watch what you are eating. Read the labels. Do a few research (Google). This applies to drug treatments additionally. Take care of your self. Your circle of relatives and buddies will maximum in all likelihood appreciate having you around as long as possible.