Vingo App – The Best App for Fitness Workouts

Vingo App – The Best App for Fitness Workouts
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Are you an introvert who likes to work-out at the comfort of your home? Do you have your own treadmill, or an exercise bike and jump on it whenever you feel like doing it? You are in for a lucky surprise.

A slight problem with indoor exercise is that we are stuck with the same view every day. Even when you place your treadmill on the outdoors, you are going to see the same stuff around you, not to mention the annoying neighbours.

Fortunately, we have a great solution for you. Introducing Vingo, the online running app which will take you into the virtual world of fitness. The app uses detailed images and sceneries to give you an out-of-place experience. Even more, you can visit some of your favourite spots in the world, all the while you run on your treadmill. The app has many unique features and advantages over other similar running apps. 

Usage of Maps for Better Overall Experience

On Vingo, you can choose from a variety of maps where you can begin “running”. All you have to do is install the app on your smart TV or your tablet or even your mobile phone and place the screen in front of you. Once you’re inside the app, you can select from a range of spots to be displayed for you. The recent addition to the maps catalogue is Iceland, with its magnificent beaches, terrifying volcanoes, and more.

Connects with Fitness Monitors

After you install the app on your device(s) you need to connect the device with your treadmill/bike. This way the Vingo app can detect your running/cycling speed from them. If your treadmill/bike doesn’t have a speed monitor, you can manually enter your speed in the app and let it do the rest. A cadence sensor will work fine too. The whole point of this set-up is to make sure you get the full experience of the app. Your speed will be used by the app to adjust the scenery to be displayed before you.

Quick Connectivity

After connecting the Vingo app with your treadmill and selecting the maps, you can start running on that location. There, you will find people who share your location in the app. You can view them as custom designed avatars whom you can interact with. You can always design your own avatar by uploading your selfie in the app. creating your own avatar and updating your profile will help the app monitor your fitness progress.

As you run alongside the hundreds of others sharing your map, you can talk with them over voice chat and also get to be invited to join in communities with them. This way, you can also give urgent care for your introverted behaviour. As you speak with more and more people, it becomes easy for you to mingle. You can even create your own community and invite your friends and family to join you on your running trips. This way, your friends can provide you with urgent care & act as the support system for you.