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If you have heard of CBD gummies, then you’ve most probably come across Sunday Scaries CBD gummies – they are a cult favorite, and every avid CBD user has at least heard of it if not used it – and for a good reason.


Sunday Scaries CBD gummies aren’t only available in various flavors and various potencies and types; there’s something for everyone with Sunday Scaries. If you’ve just come across Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and don’t understand what the hype is about, or want to know more about it before making a purchase, then you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s everything you need to know about Sunday Scaries CBD gummies. Let’s get started by taking a look at what the brand is all about before moving on to take a look at the range of CBD gummies offered by them.



Founded by Mike Sill and Beau Schmidt in 2017, Sunday Scaries is a brand that offers one of the most comprehensive available ranges of CBD and THC-free CBD products. You will get everything from CBD oil to CBD gummies, tinctures, vape juices, topicals, etc., here.


The popularity of Sunday Scaries, despite all sorts of unique products, went off the charts with the introduction of the CBD gummies. These are popular because of the exquisite flavor profiles and the specificity of the issues they target. CBD gummies aimed at soothing anxiety and battling stress are some of the top-selling products from the brand, which aligns with the vision and mission.


Sunday Scaries aims to formulate and provide CBD products to its customers to help them live a stress-free life. The brand inspiration comes from the founders, who – according to an article by Honest Brand Reviews – suffered from work-related anxiety and wanted to help people who hated Sundays and faced anxiety from the fear of Mondays much like themselves.


Let’s take a look at what these popular CBD gummies are and what makes them so unique.



Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are made from broad-spectrum CBD, meaning that the product is made from a blend of beneficial cannabinoids while being free of any THC. The consumption of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies does not cause a “high” while helping you show the benefits of cannabis, which implies that you can take them at any time of the day as they do not hinder your ability to function usually.


These gummy bears are potent and valuable, designed especially for relieving stress and helping avoid nervous breakdowns while also improving overall health. Not only are they convenient to consume, but they are also flavorful and taste just like any other gummy bear would. These candy-like CBD gummies also have vitamins D3 and B12; how wonderful is that?


Are you vegan and fear that you can’t consume Sunday Scaries CBD gummies? Worry not; the owners have kept everything in mind. Yes, you can find vegan CBD gummies on the Sunday Scaries website and don’t have to miss out on the hype and the benefits.


Are you still conflicted? Let’s consider some advantages and disadvantages of Sunday Scaries as a brand and the CBD gummies by Sunday Scaries to help you make up your mind.



Here are some pros and cons of Sunday Scaries in comparison to other brands that will better help you understand the brand and the gummies:


  • PROS

While other brands often withhold their ingredients lists and information about the manufacturing processes used to make their products, Sunday Scaries is transparent about everything. You can find all the information on the company website.


The brand offers something for everyone; you’ll find CBD products from Sunday Scaries that are vegan and even those that are approved for people who follow a kosher diet. Not many brands offer these options.


The CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries are a great example of cbd vs thc as it doesn’t include THC and do not result in a “euphoric high,” making it one of the safest and most convenient options available in the market.


The CBD gummies might be aimed at the specific purposes of relieving anxiety and fighting stress. Still, they also have added health benefits because of the inclusion of vitamin B12 and D.


One of the most surefire ways of telling whether a brand is honest or not is through third-party test results. A third-party lab tests all Sunday Scaries products, and you can access the results by just about anyone. Not all brands can boast of the same.


  • CONS

You’ll pay more for CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries for a smaller quantity than you would with other brands.


The cons are smaller than the list of pros, which speaks for itself. Sunday Scaries is a reliable brand and has managed to establish itself in a short period.


Let’s look at what people who have already used Sunday Scaries CBD gummies have to say about the product and the customer service made available to them.



According to an article by Healthline magazine, Sunday Scaries CBD gummies have some of the best reviews and features on many “top products” lists, and Sunday Scaries offers excellent customer services to its clients.


You can find user testimonials from users of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies users on various platforms across the internet, and most of them are positive – people noticed a considerable change in their mental health and ability to deal with anxiety once they started taking these gummies, and they even recommend them to others.


The best part? People who could not see any results or weren’t satisfied with the product could quickly return it, though that rarely happened. The money-back guarantee offered by the brand should be motivation to try it at least once.


In conclusion, Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are some of the best on the market, and someone who takes CBD gummies should try them at least once. The brand is reliable, and also the product is top-notch.