Sacred Home Yoga Sanctuary

Sacred Home Yoga Sanctuary
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I open the grand Haveli doorways to the veranda that ends in the plush gardens where is living a remarkable Buddha sculpture in herbal crimson sandstone, seated with the bowl, in earth touching mudra. The Maharaja elephant, ornately carved in black granite with his trunk up brings inside the grandness of the vintage days. Surrounded by antique very welltrees and birds of paradise this is the view from my yoga room in my residence, my sacred area and sanctuary where I do my day by day guidance. Tranquil and non violent, I take in the goodness of Mother Earth and provide her my devotion.

My yoga room houses my beautiful altar, made from an old Indian window, wherein I education meditation and align my chakras. Hand sculpted deities from the Vedic traditions maintain remarkable energies. My altar has the Sri yantra and Shiva, the mystic dancer, and Hanuman, the Rudra avatar of Shiva, known for his recuperation powers and his natural devotion. Ganesha and Lakshmi sit down on their crystals and resonate with my every day goal. Pictures of my Mom and Dad and the sacred text of the Bhagwad Gita manual me to observe the proper path.

Mala beads of lapis lazuli strung with rudraksha, hand knotted with cotton tassels, embellishes Shiva and the quartz crystal mala synchronizes with the Sri yantra. Ganesha loves red and governs the foundation chakra, the coral mala beads floor me to earth as I sit down in my asana of electricity and love. I enhance the altar with candles and incense and fresh flora, bringing in new strength and love into my domestic and heart. Altars are divine facilities for yoga or meditation and energize the gap round them, bringing the resonance of your soul higher.

Your altar is a manifestation of your inner spirit, an expression of your soul and the way you discover with the world. Artistic old international elements like vintage arches constructed into the wall makes a lovely backdrop for my yoga sanctuary. Light and ethereal sari curtains ruffle in the wind and the handloom cotton throws at the flooring are just ideal for sitting. It’s my vicinity of solace in which I come to re-energize my religious electricity. The energy grows and multiplies with every mantra and is pondered back to me. It’s a lovely vicinity to meditate and are trying to find idea, connect with the universe and grow with the seasons.

The carved barn doorways of Saraswati and Vishnu, whitewashed with subtle colorations of shade seeping thru are a divine pleasure to behold. I used them as the doors into my yoga sanctuary. Old woods are so earthing and grounding and simply seeing the historical carvings takes me into the pure joy of divine bliss.