How to avoid being pregnant after 15 days/20 days naturally

How to avoid being pregnant after 15 days/20 days naturally
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Sometimes, regardless of the maximum cautious precautions, we fail to keep away from pregnancy after intercourse. Be it because of human or product failure, there is not anything extra dreadful that having the contraceptives failed. When you aren’t ready, the mere concept of getting pregnant may be quite alarming. In this article, we can speak a number of the very best home remedies to ensure which you don’t get pregnant.

These must begin as quickly as you think you could get pregnant, after having mingled together with your associate, and the outcomes might start soon after!

Things to keep in mind

Follow the calendar and thermometer method for early detection and resource:

Calendar approach

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It is crucial for girls to have their menstrual cycle recorded. This can prevent start control as you recognize the length and timing of every time it takes place. Count your days from the first, and take into account that you need to have 8 cycles. If the fast cycle of is of 26, then subtract 18 from 26, you get eight. That is meant to be the four th day of the following month, that’s the 11 th . When you’ve got intercourse, you are possibly to get pregnant that day. The longest cycle is 30 which can be subtracted through 11 and end result at 19. You have to preserve a right rely to make sure that you don’t get pregnant and find out that too late. If your cycle is less than 27 days, the calendar technique will no longer paintings.

Temperature technique

Women need to file their menstrual cycle. When you have an ovulation, the temperature of your frame rises. This temperature is going down if you have your next menstrual. To keep away from birth manipulate, you have to report the temperature of your frame. Record it for three times an afternoon, as soon as inside the morning, night and night. The thermometer must be at the rectum or beneath the tongue.

Preventive approach

It is very important for you to take preventive measures all through sex, than having to save it for the times you regret! Using a proper shielding condom is the maximum vital part. It isn’t always simplest critical to save you pregnancy however also to avoid illnesses like AIDS. With right protection, you provide yourself a more fit dwelling, which excludes the possibilities of getting diagnosed with lethal illnesses. It also gives you most suitable pride and continues you satisfied and fear-unfastened.

Natural ways for beginning control

There are a few remedies to manipulate the possibility of pregnancy, and they’re natural treatments. Go via the following list and stop your body from replica:

Dried apricot

Apricots are not handiest tasty however are also used for preventing minor thought. However, having apricots aren’t cautioned and ought to now not be taken whilst there’s a fine being pregnant report. Well, we are able to, therefore, keep in mind that this unique home cure isn’t some thing which you may depend on when the pregnancy is serious. For this remedy, you need to mix one hundred grams of the dried apricot with 2 tablespoons of honey and water. Boil all of the substances nicely for about half an hour and eat one cup of the combination formed. This will assist in controlling international and on the same time will even cure immoderate bleeding.


Natural recommendations for being pregnant weight loss

Rue is an extremely good home remedy in relation to preventing undesirable pregnancy within 15-20 days. It consists of components, specifically, pilocarpine and rutin. These two compounds are beneficial in terms of stopping pregnancy on the early stage. Rue is normally used as a tea shape and may be very effective. For this remedy, take teaspoons of the herb and pour it in boiling water. Let the herb steep into the water for pretty some time and when the temperature cools down a chunk, strain and drink the tea. You ned to drink this tea for 2-three instances a day.