How Coming Upon Pure Inner Silence Can Change Our Life

How Coming Upon Pure Inner Silence Can Change Our Life
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Have we ever puzzled: what’s silence, is it simply the absence of sound?

Well, yes, in a manner: silence makes outer sound feasible or perceptible, in that, silence offers sound a vibrancy, satisfactory or nature, referred to through many as mental freedom.

But silence is more than mere absence of sound. At transcendental degree with, silence basically is Power awaiting an awareness, or consciousness watching for stimulation into action.

Pure internal silence for that reason equates to ‘capacity’: potential requiring sound contact via which to occur one’s latent capacity. This is why mantras are used in meditation: their sounds vibrate into deeper recognition: vibrational sound waves getting into stages of attention now not formerly touched upon, resultant in elevated capability of aware thoughts. Levels of consciousness above the mental noise/sound of time and space or, relative existence. Transcendental silence – also termed cosmic attention — makes the all-knowing inner intelligence as truth presence inside consciousness. In this context, vibrational sound waves in deeper mind deliver upward push to direct enjoy of transcendental silence.

Exodus 3: 14 KJV places it: And God said unto Moses ‘I AM That I AM’

‘God said unto Moses’ is symbolism for ‘God said unto you/me’.

Thus, whilst requested: ‘what is your call’ (name which means nature, as a result, what is your nature?), Jesus spoke back, ‘I AM That I AM’ which means, ‘I will be what I will be’ which means, my INNER name/nature is I AM Self-existent soul-silence; my transcendent I AM nature is Self-sufficient unto my personal awareness. Thus, like an unbounded ocean, transcendental ‘I AM’ silence carries and upholds the existence-desires of each soul. In different phrases, the Truth or, all-knowing Silence, is already mounted within every people as Potential.

The ‘I AM’ ability is the equal preferred for every body, in that, we are every made in the photograph (imagination) and likeness (ability) of I AM or, God-Nature: we’re every the eternal I AM Silence or Potential. In this context, as Self-existent beings, we are able to each, thru use of heightened creativeness, create our own future, create our most coronary heart-cherished dreams and visions. Thus, anything we can conceive (in thoughts), believe (applied religion) we can achieve (show up materially or spiritually inside cognizance).

The handiest way of experiencing direct carried out faith is to experience natural silence inside, this silence IS pure faith, and such is how we ‘exercise’ non secular faith

Our motive on earth is to come upon this innovative silence: that we every end up as manifesting channels [of flowing silence] through which divine Will fulfills purposefully instead of randomly. On turning into this channel, the Self-sufficiency fame of I AM turns into automated in expression: our individual inner-activate needs now come to be the desires of nature. Thus our every idea, word and deed is in harmony with I AM, reaping rewards both ourself and others, as a result the world at big.

Awakening Silence

Vibrational silence reveals that it became the intellectual noise of non-disciplined questioning that kept the religious soul asleep, now, satirically, it’s inner silence which awakens it.

Silence similarly well-knownshows, that, we are no longer born into this global as ready-made ‘saints’, rather as Potential. If we have been born ‘perfect’ there would be not anything to overcome; no development and trying out of applied faith, as a result no cause to be in mortal bodies enduring the struggling or getting to know segment of soul evolution unto becoming aware I AM, consequently understanding our higher ability.

The nature of silence is Bliss, therefore, by enticing silence in each day meditation, bliss becomes infused into the very nature of the mind, hence setting up vibrational I AM as our personal eternal Self-sufficient, faith-infused conscious soul. This is God learning God without delay AS you and thru you. In other phrases, God [I AM] works via us and now not to us.

Silence being the active substance of faith, for this reason our religion first becomes set up AS silence recognition.

Ancient students knew the secret

Metaphysical writers were highlighting the want of internal silence, for masses of centuries.

Thus, when weighing up the value of scriptures, it is highly crucial to renowned that these Self-found out authors have been especially skilled within the practice of direct transcendental silence or, faith experiencing; day by day meditators harnessing natural meditative silence as a result their effective, insightful and discernible writings on internal occasions, albeit in coded format.

Events as an example along with ‘Noah’s Ark’ resting atop of a Mount represents the wakened silence-mind coming upon better — or Mount — states of silence within recognition. Noah is symbolism for soul, with Ark representing the mind. For this reason, a lot of Scripture focuses on ‘silence inside’ and internal non secular awakening. Thus, mental and bodily nicely-being are but reflections of transcendental silence focus.