How Coming Upon Pure Inner Silence Can Change Our Life

How Coming Upon Pure Inner Silence Can Change Our Life
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Have we ever questioned: what is silence, is it just the absence of sound?

Well, yes, in a way: silence makes outer sound viable or perceptible, in that, silence gives sound a vibrancy, nice or nature, mentioned by using many as intellectual freedom.

But silence is extra than mere absence of sound. At transcendental level with, silence essentially is Power waiting for an recognition, or recognition waiting for stimulation into movement.

Pure internal silence hence equates to ‘potential’: capability requiring sound touch through which to show up one’s latent capability. This is why mantras are utilized in meditation: their sounds vibrate into deeper focus: vibrational sound waves entering into degrees of attention now not previously touched upon, resultant in expanded potential of aware mind. Levels of recognition above the mental noise/sound of time and area or, relative lifestyles. Transcendental silence – additionally termed cosmic awareness — makes the all-knowing internal intelligence as truth presence within recognition. In this context, vibrational sound waves in deeper mind provide upward thrust to direct experience of transcendental silence.

Exodus three: 14 KJV puts it: And God said unto Moses ‘I AM That I AM’

‘God said unto Moses’ is symbolism for ‘God stated unto you/me’.

Thus, while asked: ‘what’s your name’ (name meaning nature, therefore, what is your nature?), Jesus answered, ‘I AM That I AM’ which means, ‘I may be what I could be’ that means, my INNER call/nature is I AM Self-existent soul-silence; my transcendent I AM nature is Self-sufficient unto my very own consciousness. Thus, like an unbounded ocean, transcendental ‘I AM’ silence carries and upholds the life-wishes of each soul. In different words, the Truth or, all-knowing Silence, is already mounted within each folks as Potential.

The ‘I AM’ ability is the equal general for anyone, in that, we are every made in the photograph (creativeness) and likeness (capacity) of I AM or, God-Nature: we are every the everlasting I AM Silence or Potential. In this context, as Self-existent beings, we will each, thru use of heightened imagination, create our personal future, create our most heart-loved desires and visions. Thus, something we can conceive (in mind), consider (applied religion) we can attain (take place materially or spiritually inside cognizance).

The best manner of experiencing direct carried out religion is to experience pure silence within, this silence IS natural religion, and such is how we ‘exercise’ non secular religion

Our reason on this planet is to stumble upon this creative silence: that we every turn out to be as manifesting channels [of flowing silence] thru which divine Will fulfills purposefully as opposed to randomly. On turning into this channel, the Self-sufficiency popularity of I AM turns into automated in expression: our person inner-activate needs now emerge as the desires of nature. Thus our every idea, phrase and deed is in harmony with I AM, reaping benefits both ourself and others, as a consequence the world at massive.

Awakening Silence

Vibrational silence famous that it was the mental noise of non-disciplined thinking that stored the religious soul asleep, now, sarcastically, it is internal silence which awakens it.

Silence similarly reveals, that, we are not born into this global as prepared-made ‘saints’, alternatively as Potential. If we have been born ‘ideal’ there could be not anything to triumph over; no improvement and checking out of implemented religion, thus no purpose to be in mortal our bodies enduring the suffering or studying phase of soul evolution unto turning into conscious I AM, for this reason knowing our better capacity.

The nature of silence is Bliss, consequently, with the aid of attractive silence in every day meditation, bliss turns into infused into the very nature of the mind, for this reason setting up vibrational I AM as our very own eternal Self-enough, religion-infused aware soul. This is God gaining knowledge of God at once AS you and via you. In different phrases, God [I AM] works thru us and now not to us.

Silence being the active substance of religion, for that reason our religion first will become hooked up AS silence awareness.

Ancient pupils knew the name of the game

Metaphysical writers have been highlighting the need of internal silence, for loads of centuries.

Thus, whilst weighing up the price of scriptures, it’s hugely vital to well known that these Self-realized authors have been enormously skilled in the exercise of direct transcendental silence or, faith experiencing; day by day meditators harnessing pure meditative silence hence their effective, insightful and discernible writings on internal events, albeit in coded layout.

Events as an instance along with ‘Noah’s Ark’ resting atop of a Mount represents the awakened silence-mind coming upon better — or Mount — states of silence within cognizance. Noah is symbolism for soul, with Ark representing the mind. For this reason, a lot of Scripture makes a speciality of ‘silence within’ and inner non secular awakening. Thus, mental and physical nicely-being are however reflections of transcendental silence consciousness.

The ancient pupils are emphasizing the want of quietening the ever-turbulent aware mind and its associated degrees of chaotic wondering, thereby having access to natural calm — transcendental recognition — the supply of spiritual and physical properly-being. That, what thoughts thinks, or entertains, consistently can be taken as prayer with the aid of our deeper thoughts.

Thus, an obvious question arises: if bliss is the character of silence, what then is its opposite nature?

The Fear-much less Soul

As our non secular soul is worry-less or, natural silence, as a consequence, it is now not possible to be worry-filled whilst encountering deep silence on a day by day basis. Thus, the other of pure silence is residual ignorance-based totally worry, the dominant emotion previous to religious awakening. With worry being the alternative of love, hence Scripture places huge emphasis in this region.

Job 3:25-26 NIV “What he feared maximum got here upon him”

Job is truly declaring: what the deeper mind attaches to fearfully could be generic as prayer and made appear within – through law.

Happily, with silence being the other of fear, the reverse of Job’s declaration is also true: whatever ‘prayer’ we are continuously happiest approximately, comes to pass. In different phrases, while our recognition becomes silence-based or, silence-infused, then this silence turns into as herbal wonderful prayer. Or, when the coronary heart will become love-complete and overflowing then fear can’t invade to weigh down.