Consuming CBD While Pregnancy: Friend Or Foe?

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Consuming CBD While Pregnancy: Friend Or Foe?
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Hi! So, our beautiful mommy-to-be is already here. Pregnancy is a messy but beautiful mixture of excitement and nervousness. By the way, what did you feel when you got to know that you will become a mommy soon? We often hear people claiming that motherhood starts from the first day after the mother finds that she is pregnant. Is it true?

The pregnancy period brings with it a bag of challenges. They are similar to those which are faced after the baby is born. You are required to take the utmost care of yourself and your baby in the womb. If any carelessness happens then, it can affect two lives. So, be it from your sleeping or sitting posture to what you’re eating and drinking, everything needs your proper attention.

In this situation, when it comes to talking about consuming things, a question arises in the minds of many pregnant ladies. They want to know whether consuming CBD during pregnancy is a friend or foe to her and her baby’s health? Will consuming organic CBD tincture be beneficial? Or, will it be dangerous? The further use of CBD during pregnancy highly depends on this question. There are plenty of reasons for which pregnant women want to take CBD. The first and most common thing which insists them to take CBD is its properties. Yes, many women claim that CBD helps them deal with pregnancy symptoms. The second reason, on the other hand, exists if the woman was already addicted to CBD. It also exists if the woman was very fond of CBD. In such situations, they feel the urge to consume CBD. So, what’s your reason? Is it one of these two or something else?

CBD and pregnancy

Cannabidiol (CBD) has excelled in being helpful to health and wellness issues. There is no doubt that CBD has skyrocketed its user base. We can hardly find any age group which hasn’t, directly or indirectly, experienced the effects of CBD. We believe it when users claim the benefits of CBD. Not only human beings but also animals feel the magical effects of CBD products.


Yes, we have many medical studies that confirm the helpfulness of CBD. You may have seen many of such studies, too. But are you sure those studies were linked with pregnant women specifically? There are chances that studies that we usually read about the benefits of CBD are for ordinary people and not for pregnant women.


In this case, how will you know whether consuming CBD is beneficial for your and your baby’s health or not? What if it is dangerous for you both? Well, to help our mommy-to-be deal with this situation, we are here. Today in this article, we will talk about whether CBD is a friend or foe to pregnant ladies. So, without causing any delays, let’s get started-

Is it safe to consume CBD during pregnancy?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an active compound. It is available in Cannabis Sativa or the hemp plant. CBD is available in a myriad of products. It possesses several properties which can help treat multiple health and wellness issues. If you are pregnant, you may want to prefer CBD products. It is possible because many pregnant women claim that CBD helped them in dealing with their pregnancy symptoms.


CBD does this work for you without even getting you high, unlike THC. Many pregnant ladies opt for CBD products because they claim that CBD has been helpful for symptoms, including-

  1. Vomiting
  2. Morning sickness
  3. Nausea
  4. Stress
  5. Anxiety
  6. Pain
  7. Trouble in sleeping

There is no wonder that CBD can help treat these symptoms but is that all? It’s known that everything comes with pros and cons. Even a tiny coin has two sides. What’s the other side? Let’s take a closer look at it.

Let’s flip the coin: What do the studies and experts say?

Although we need more research, many studies can still verify the second side of the coin. Most of the research studies are conducted on pregnancies in animals. But the researchers, after combining the results of human and animal research studies, confirm the adverse effects of consuming CBD during pregnancy. Thus, there arises a question mark on the safety of consuming CBD during pregnancies.


Many research studies performed on animals state that consuming high doses of CBD during pregnancy can create troubles in the reproductive system of a male fetus. Although it doesn’t mean that the same will happen in humans, there are still many chances of danger. CBD products can be contaminated, too. It may have ingredients that can be harmful to the baby and the mother.


Other than avoiding CBD during pregnancy, the experts also suggest avoiding consuming CBD while breastfeeding. A part of whatever you consume goes to your baby while breastfeeding. What if your CBD product has THC content in it? Do you know? THC is capable enough to affect the brain development of the baby.


It can also get you high. Not just this, consuming CBD during pregnancy also increases the chances of low birth weight, premature birth, or stillbirth. Yes, that’s true. The harmful effects of CBD can be passed to your baby by you. Can you afford to risk the health of your child? No, right?


Many experts say that your CBD products can have plenty of contaminated ingredients, such as

  1. Heavy metals
  2. Pesticides
  3. Fungus
  4. Bacteria

What’s more to the harmful effect is the problem that any CBD user can face. CBD can lead to hazardous interaction with other drugs, extreme sleepiness, and even liver damages. It can happen with you and your kid, too. You can be more exposed to the harmful effects of consuming CBD products if you get anesthesia during your delivery. Due to the uncertainty of the safety of consuming CBD products during pregnancy, the FDA strictly advises avoiding consuming CBD.


The FDA is continuously studying the effects of consuming CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The two vital factors which serve as the angles for studies are

  1. The use of various products over an individual’s entire life contains CBD in them.
  2. The consequences of using multiple CBD products in combination.


So, now it is pretty clear whether consuming CBD while pregnant is a friend or foe. We strictly recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding. Try to avoid CBD products as much as you can. Every life is valuable to us. Stay healthy. All the best.