Barx Buddy Reviews UPDATED 2020 | Is It Effective & Where To Buy ?

Barx Buddy
Barx Buddy Reviews UPDATED 2020 | Is It Effective & Where To Buy ?
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Barx Buddy Reviews – What’s Barx Buddy?

Hey! I’m here with an innovative product. So, today, we are somehow different. Barx Buddy is a product or training tool that lets you stop your dog(s) or puppy when barking. When I was talking with my friend in a park then we both have carried our dogs there. When my friend’s dog was barking, he could control the bad behavior of his dog with an innovative remote-like device.

I was amazed to see the effective results of that product. Then I bought the Barx Buddy and started to use it. Its main purpose is to “train” your dog. For a lifetime, this will ease your life. I mean you don’t know when your loyal dog or puppy will begin barking. So, you have to train your dog with the help of this one-button operated device, Barx Buddy. In the future, whenever your dog barks, you can easily stop him or her with the help of this innovative device. It’s really great and awesome!

Barx Buddy

Manufacturer’s Detail!

Barx Buddy” is a famous and well-known company, based in the USA. They are manufacturing the Barx Buddy and their three other products. All their products are manufactured to make the lives of people easy if they have dogs or puppies.

How to Use Barx Buddy?

As it is a training tool so you must be the best trainer. If you are a good trainer then it doesn’t matter what is the breed of your trainee.

Go near to your dog or puppy (trainee) and “press” the button of Barx Buddy Device. This device or training tool emits Ultrasonic Sound that is clearly heard by a dog or puppy of any breed. He or she becomes familiar with the device and starts to “learn”. Now, whenever your dog barks you don’t need to shout. Just press the button of your training tool and your loyal dog or puppy becomes calm. The device also contains a bright LED Flashlight, helps you in the night. 

Is Barx Buddy Effective?

Yes, it is an effective (as innovative) device. Its manufacturers said that the average days are 22 to find the best results. Most customers or users of this training tool could be able to find the best results in just 22 days. You can train your dog in 22 days! This shows and tells us that the product is effective.

Is Barx Buddy Safe?

It emits an ultrasonic sound that is harmless for dogs. This ultrasonic sound is also harmless for humans. So, you don’t need to worry that the device will tease others. You need to press the button from anywhere as the device range is 50 feet. It’s harmless.

If you sit in your room on a coach then you can press the button of the Barx Buddy and your dog stops barking. The sound can only be recognized by your dog(s) as you’ve been training him or her. This will not affect other dogs are in your street. They only get attention when their owners have trained them with the device or with any other product.

How Does Barx Buddy Work?

Many dog lovers “teach” their dogs some commands such as “Quit, “Stop”, “Wait, and more. To teach them these commands means that you want to train them. Whenever your dog barks then you say in a slow or firm voice, “quit” and he or she stops barking.

The same “trick” can be followed when you are using the Barx Buddy Training Tool. First, you have to go near your trainee to “train” him or her. Okay!

When your dog has “learned” then you can use the device from 50 feet away. Every time you can stop your dog from barking via the button of this device. This is how the product works (on all breeds of dog).

Barx Buddy

Is Barx Buddy The Best Choice?

If you search “how to stop your dog from barking” then you see an encyclopedia on the internet. There, you will also see some food supplements, some tricks, and many more things to stop your dog(s) from barking. Many of those things are not verified. No one knows that a food supplement will help you or not.

At that point, you have to stick with the Barx Buddy Training Tool (Device). It gives you more control. It helps you to “teach” or “train” your dog. So, it always helps you to stop the bad “behavior” of your dog or puppy (barking).


  • Easy to use
  • One-click operated device
  • Works on all breeds
  • Harmless for dogs
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • Real results in real-time


  • Available Online, only

Any Side Effects…?

Nope! There is no any side effect of the Barx Buddy. It is an innovative product that is made by a famous company, based in the USA. The company consists of experts. They have made this remote-like device with so much “thought”. It has no side effects.

Barx Buddy Customers’ Reviews


“If you have the Barx Buddy training tool device then your problem related to dog barking ends”.

Colton E.

“You have a dog or puppy so you also need Barx Buddy, helps you to stop your dog or puppy from barking anytime and from anywhere”.

  1. Ruby

“I like to keep a puppy in my home. When she becomes rude then I utilize the Barx Buddy because it really works and helps”.

 Barx Buddy Where to Buy ?

It is easily available Online, only. I have placed a link that helps you to order the Barx Buddy easily. You can get the product at your doorstep with the free delivery fee. Other than USA residents can also buy this device with free shipping.

Barx Buddy


What is the price?

One product price is $39.95 with free shipping.

Two products price is $69.95 with free shipping.

Do they offer a free trial?

At this time, No!

What is the return policy?

You can return the product within 60 days and can get your money back.