5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pre-rolled Joints in Vancouver

Joints in Vancouver
5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pre-rolled Joints in Vancouver
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Medical and recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for some years now. Over time, there has been a growing population of people who use weed. But buying weed is sometimes confusing because there are many ways you can ingest it.


A joint of weed is the most popular method many cannabis lovers use to consume it. If you are new to the use of marijuana, smoking a joint is the most convenient introduction to the world of cannabis.


However, you don’t have to worry about rolling them yourself – rolling a joint is not an easy thing to do. It is now possible to buy a pre-rolled weed. Online weed shops like Weed Delivery Vancouver have pre-rolled cannabis available for purchase.

What is a Pre-roll?

Before you can consider using a joint, it’s essential to understand what a pre-roll is. A pre-roll is simply a cannabis joint that comes rolled, and a standard one consists of a rolling paper, cannabis, and a filter. In some cases, you may find they contain infusions and other weed products that increase their potency. And unlike vapes, pre-rolls do not require additional equipment (except a lighter, of course) to use.


In addition, there are various types of pre-rolls you can buy depending on your desired results. Pre-rolls are usually strain-specific, commonly categorized as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.


Therefore, if you are still undecided about the method you wish to consume your cannabis, here are five reasons why you should try pre-rolled cannabis today. Let’s dive in!

1.   They Are Portable and Discrete


Like a pack of cigarettes, pre-rolled joints are packaged in a manner that makes them easy to carry around. This is especially essential for people who are using cannabis for medical reasons. For instance, if you are using it to relieve pain or other medical problems, pre-rolled joints offer a great portable option to ensure you always have cannabis with you when a need arises.


Also, if you have a party to attend, they fit easily into your pocket; hence, no need to transport a bong or a glass pipe. As long as you have a lighter, you are ready to rock and roll.


Despite the legalization and the significant progress the cannabis industry has made, there remains some stigma associated with cannabis use. Pre-rolled joints are almost indistinguishable from regular cigarettes, which helps avoid judgemental looks from people still apprehensive about cannabis use.

2.   Saves Time and Allows You To Avoid Mess



With today’s busy life of working from 9 am to 5 pm and other life commitments, it’s fair to say there is no time and energy to take a bowl of buds and start rolling them yourself. Pre-rolled joints require no effort, all you need is lighter, and you are ready to enjoy your cannabis session.


Also, the process of manually rolling weed can be a messy exercise. It is easy to find cannabis spilled all over the place, plus there is a lot of waste associated with rolling joints.

3.   Let’s You Try Different Strains

Pre-rolled joints are available in a variety of strains. They offer the most effective way to try a new strain. When you buy weed at the counter, you are forced to purchase a certain quantity. This makes it challenging to try a different thing if you feel like switching to a new strain.


Conversely, with pre-rolled blunts, you have an opportunity to sample a different variant and see how you like it before you commit your money to buy large quantities. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing you purchased a considerable amount of a product you don’t like and are stuck with it because you will not return it to the sellers.

4.   High-quality and Neatness


Neatness and high-class rolls highlight the best attributes of pre-rolled joints that make them popular and highly loved by cannabis users, especially among the newbies. While the joints are easy to use and provide an effective way to deliver weed into the system, they are not easy to roll.


Whether an experienced user or a newbie, rolling a joint that burns evenly(not too loose or too tight) is difficult. However, by opting for pre-rolled joints, you skip the hustle of rolling, and they burn evenly, providing a smooth delivery of cannabis into the system.

5.   Consistent and Cost-effective

The pre-rolled joints you purchase from a dispensary have a predetermined quantity of cannabis. Since they are constantly rolled the same size, it’s easier to determine the amount you need to have specific desired effects. This will help you understand the amount you should buy.


Also, most cannabis lovers consider pre-rolled joints more economical to buy than other products in the dispensary. Most other weed products tend to be more expensive than pre-rolled joints.


In addition, many weed shops use pre-rolled joints in their promotional programs; they always offer them for free or with reduced prices when you buy other cannabis products in the dispensary.


If you consider everything, pre-rolled joints present the most convenient way of cannabis use. They offer consistently high-quality cannabis and are economical, saves time, and lets you try different cannabis strains.